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Saturday was a beautiful day of intensive training in EEM, by Helen Critchley, at the Tara Centre. When in Shiatsu or Reflexology or Kinesiology Groups the energy is focused within the rules of that specific Doctrine, but with EEM, all the different ideas are brought together into a vortex, then gushed out like a fountain of energy through the wide range of techniques. It's visceral and visual to everyone present.

Watching Helen use her hands, very simply and effortlessly, as energy magnets was transparent and clear. Her giving nature made it natural for everyone present to join in and achieve results. When Helen demonstrated points on the body (for tapping, massage, kneading or thumping), they stopped being the usual Ordinance Survey map coordinates and instead became stars in a multidimensional Universe. What was once a 1D map is now a 4D map. These points switch us on or off, which is an echo of every vibration of binary action, at every layer of the body, right down to the Double Helix and beyond...

For me, this explains how some of us can 'see'. It is not just one layer that we perceive vaguely; it is millions of layers that we pick-up so strongly, that we have to assimilate the information and choose which of the layers or 'vibes' is repeated the most from the smallest to the largest matter in the body. The strongest repeat pattern of closed or open points reveals what physical, mental, emotional or spiritual component is hypo or hyper. Manually manipulating the area unblocks it, but this impacts the next point on the network...

So many parallels ;)

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