Treatments & Services

You choose- lying, sitting, or standing
Relaxing music
Aromatic scents
I target your problem area and change the energy
Giving you peace and relaxation
Post-treatment analysis allows you to work through your feelings and consider your options.
Animal Reiki
Are you worried about an animal? I come to your premises, listen to the animal, convey their message and conduct gentle, soothing, hands-off Reiki. I am also available for distance Reiki. Together, we can make things more comfortable for your special friend. I have experience with most species, as I have treated zoo animals with Reiki.
Premises Cleansing
Difficult energy trapped in your home or business?
Energy stressing you out?
Do you feel things could be different?
I can visit, assess and clean the energy, thus returning your premises to optimal health.
For everyone using the space, it will make them feel better.
I provide a written Report for businesses.
Psychic Tarot
Over 35yrs experience working with Tarot, as a conduit for spirit to guide loved ones.
Utilising Cards and Crystals to identify your core issues and examine options with upcoming energy opportunities.
Working with the information, together we piece together your puzzle and the options open to you at this juncture.
You will get answers, guidance, and homework :)
Holistic Coach
Do you need a bit of everything I offer?
Over 30yrs of experience in; wellbeing tools, toxins, disease management, dietary complexity, social care, historical patterns, environmental sickness, medicinal alternatives, sick building syndrome, anthropological Astrology, lunar energy, plus much more. I have a special interest in SLD, Autistic Spectrum, and nutrition causes of neurological effects and behavior. I can help you plan a way forward and recommend tools, studies, practices, strategies, and practitioners to empower you to move towards embodying your sovereignty. I will support you until you are ready to fly.
  • Prices-
  • NPMDT £40 for one hour
  • Animal Reiki £30 per session + travel costs
  • Remote Healing £20
  • Remote Healing with a report £50 
  • Psychic Tarot £60 for one hour
  • Holistic Coach £80 for one hour
  • Business Premises Cleansing £150 per half day  
  • Home Cleansing £80 per half day 
  • Concessions available
  • Healing Crystal Necklaces- handmade-to-order for you:           tailored to your exact requirements- from £25