Welcome to

Esoteric Holistic Coaching

Life is extremely complicated these days as we transition from the old paradigm to the new via the construction of new systems.

You are not alone.

Change is difficult, especially when you were not consulted.

It can be a huge support to connect in with a lineage of ancient knowledge.

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If you would like support, I am here for you.

Unlike conventional Therapy I utilise a palette of skills and knowledge from different and seemly unrelated fields. Unlike Psychological approaches, Philosophical approaches are about the importance of you, not conformity - there is no rule book, instead you get to invent yourself any way you want.

With over 35 years of experience of the esoteric approach to; Intuitive work, formal Philosophy, healing modalities, neurodiversity, nutrition, allergies, societal constructs, services, inter-generational issues, meditation and compassion among other skills, I have a huge range of tools to help you work through your situation and your options.


You may just need someone who understands and cares to just listen, without any problem solving. This can be very healing to feel the presence of another in order to work through your own ideas.

Just let me know what you need.

Either in person or remotely, together we explore your situation. Working through all the routes you have already tried and what there is left to consider. We write or draw a plan that gives you steps to follow.

Depending on the complexity of your situation, you may only need one session or you may need weekly or maybe just seasonal check-ins, it's up to you. Together, and with the help of Spirit Guides you will see clarity and feel confident to step into your future.

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