Animal Reiki

Healing and support for your animal friend

Animal Reiki is the same modality as human Reiki, except we are specifically trained to identify the anatomy of animals. Using gentle, but powerful energy channeling, flow is established and healing can begin. Healing being the state of complete peace and love, from which change can manifest.

Animal Reiki can be conducted in person or remotely. Hands on or off. It is always lead by the animal and what they are comfortable with. They may want one session or several, it depends on age and condition. Animals find it to be a relaxing experience that can make them sleepy.

I have experience of domestic animals, exotic and of zoo animals. For example, I have worked with birds, spiders, fish, lizards, butterflies, cats, dogs, rabbits, monkeys, Guinea Pigs and many more. All animals are unique, but they all respond to energy. They can sense the peace and love of Reiki and this changes how they feel. When an animal feels heard by me I can connect it to you. This can be transformative for an animal to really feel heard and get its needs met. I look forward to spending time with you x